Wahl 9314-1708 20 pc Color Pro Color Code Haircut Kit Model Combo

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Wahl Corded Color Pro 20-Piece Color Coded Haircut Kit

Brand: Wahl

Model #9314-1708

You can go to the barbershop or the salon for a haircut, but the WAHL Corded Color Pro Haircut and Grooming Kit gives you the tools to style yourself right at home. The 20-piece haircut kit includes thumb-adjustable WAHL clippers for total taper control, and you can even cut multiple lengths of hair with just a flip of the lever.

When you're cutting your hair, it's frustrating when your haircutting tools aren't organized — with the WAHL Color Pro Haircut and Grooming Kit, all of your tools are color-coded, so you aren't stuck searching for the right clipper or comb.


Professionals know that sharp blades are quality blades — the WAHL high-carbon steel blades are self-sharpening for the perfect lineup every time you need a clean cut.

Plus, the WAHL Haircut Kit features the Powerdrive Cutting System that easily cuts the thickest part of your hair.


WAHL Corded Color Pro 20-Piece Haircut and Grooming Kit:


Use the WAHL Kit for haircuts, styling, and grooming

Self-sharpening, high-carbon steel blades stay sharp longer

Powerdrive Cutting System easily cuts the thickest hair with 35% more power than standard WAHL electromagnetic motor clippers


Color-coded keys make it easy to correspond the correct comb to the right setting

Soft touch grip for comfort and control

Thumb-adjustable taper control allows multiple cutting lengths with a flip of the lever

Durable handled storage case to hold all kit contents

Easy step-by-step full-color instructions