ALCATE T56L phone with caller ID and handsfree function

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ALCATEL phone with caller ID and handsfree function

  • Alcatel T56, is an ultra-complete corded phone with a contemporary design.
  • It is equipped with a numerical display to find out which number is calling you* at a glance and to simplify the use of your phone. It displays date and time on idle mode, as well as the call duration.
  • Operating as an eco-friendly product, T56 is BATTERY-FREE thanks to the line-powered.
  • Other mandatory features include a quality handsfree function with 3 volume levels, to share your conversations, 4 direct memories (M1 to M4) and 10 two-touch memories to easily call your friends and family.
  • Finally, it features the indispensable Redial/Bis function, a log of the last 68 incoming calls, to never miss a call and to easily call back the numbers, and a message waiting indicator*.