AudioBox RX8 Portable Bluetooth Radio

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This portable radio is a great addition to any camping site, picnic, or small get together. It can play music from any AM,  FM, or SW frequency and connect to your phone using bluetooth. Can run on a D-Cell battery or AC outlet 

AM, FM, and Short Wave Radio

The radio tuner in this speaker picks up stations that you probably never heard of. From any AM news station, FM pop station, to any Spanish, French, or Persian radio station on the Short Wave. With the included high sensitivity antenna, you never have to worry about being out of range.  This function is great for the outdoors or an emergency where you need to pick up any radio station that you can.

D-Cell Battery Compartment 

The compartment for D-Cell batteries allows you to insert a D-Cell battery and take the unit with you on an adventure. 

AC Function

If you want to keep the radio in one place at all times, you can use the included AC cable and leave it attached to a wall outlet.  


As if this radio did not have enough features, you can even play music from your phone through Bluetooth. The Bluetooth range is 30ft and pairs seamlessly with any Bluetooth device. 

USB and Micro SD Mp3 Player

This device allows you to use your USB and SD cards as playlists or albums. Just place you music file onto the card using your computer and insert the card into its respective slot on the speaker. This function is a great way to play your selected music without any hassle.

Case Pack (pcs per box)