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ABX-16S is a professional rechargeable Bluetooth speaker system, with an exceptional sound quality and stunning Sound Activated 7 colored LED lights. Includes a wired karaoke microphone and an internal battery with a life span of 5 hours, for long playing times. ABX-16S is an ideal speaker for all settings from your room to a large outdoor party.  

Bluetooth & USB Dock Charger 

This speaker includes the latest generation of Bluetooth which allows you to play music from up to 20ft away without cables. Play music reliably without worrying about cable. Compatible with all Bluetooth devices such as iPhones, Androids, and Laptops.    


Party Mode  

With a flip of the switch on the rear panel, a multicolor sound activated lights will turn on and change color as well as pulsate along with the beat of the music. This creates for a stunning multicolor light show that is unique to each song.   


USB MP3 Player 

With the included USB port, you can use your USB as an albums or playlists by placing your music files on them. Then insert your USB in the respective port and the speaker will automatically begin to play the songs. You can then skip through the songs with the buttons and interactive display.  


Wired Karaoke Microphone 

This speaker comes with a wired microphone included in the box. Great for karaoke or parties where you will be making announcements to your guests. For an easy karaoke experience, you can pair your Bluetooth device, and search for your favorite song on YouTube with the lyrics. 


One 1/4" Microphone Input 

With the embedded 1/4" audio jack, you can connect a microphone and sing along with your favorite songs. This speaker really provides for the ultimate karaoke experience. 


Multiple Configurations 

With Wavesync Technology, you can purchase two speakers and two stands and have a professional audio setup that is portable and takes minutes to set up! You can also use this speaker as a standalone speaker on the floor or mounted on the stand that is included.