Barkan BM343 TV Wall Mount 13" - 65"

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Barkan TV Wall Mount 13" - 65"

  • EXTREMELY EXTENDABLE - Minimum distance from the wall - 2.9", Maximum distance from the wall - 21". Allows viewing from a variety of places and locating the screen around the corner of a wall. The extending arms has cable covers to give the mount a prestigious look when extended.
  • SELF, EASY AND FAST ASSEMBLY - 1. Attach the adapters to the rear side of the TV 2. Install the bracket on the wall 3. Snap the TV onto the bracket.
  • PATENTED, FITS VARIOUS SCREEN TYPES - this mount fits both flat and curved TVs, as well as TVs that have special structures on their backs. Some of the TVs have unique structures on their backs such as bumps, indentions, or nonstandard connection-hole patterns. Those special structures make it impossible to use normal TV mounts. To solve this problem without customers making unnecessary purchases, we developed a line of products based on a ball and socket mechanism, just like in a human shoulder. The four adapters can move in 2 dimensions which allows the mount to hug the screen firmly without any use of spacers or other improvised solutions.