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Bene Casa 17710 - 1 Cup Aluminum Espresso Maker

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Bene Casa 17710 - 1 Cup Aluminum Espresso Maker

The Bene Casa single shot aluminum stove top espresso maker gives you quality espresso in a compact, safe and easy to use package. It looks beautiful, with traditional angled design, and features a compact design making it easy to store.

With both boiler and carafe made from aluminum, this espresso maker is lightweight but sturdy, with deep threads to ensure a secure closer between the two and safe operation every time. Suitable for use on a wide range of cooking surfaces, the stove top espresso maker is quick, convenient and produces delicious espresso.

The stay cool plastic handle, easy flip top and side pour spout make this a safe, easy to use espresso maker that produces a single shot of amazing espresso whenever you need it. Order your Bene Casa one shot stove top aluminum espresso maker today, mornings will never be the same again.