Daewoo KOR9GDB Microwave Oven 0.9 CF Black

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The Daewoo KOR9GPB is a Black 900w Digital Solo Microwave with a larger than normal 26Lt cavity that will accommodate the larger dinner plate of a cooking vessel. It has an easy to use digital control panel which includes 10 power levels, Auto Defrost function, Various Autocook programs, a Digital clock, and a child safety lock. It also has easy to use quick start buttons in increments of 10 seconds,1 Minute,10 Minutes and one Hour. The 26Lt cavity will also allow you to insert larger items which is a very useful feature as a lot of the smaller cavities on the market cannot take larger items. This attractive, easy to operate Gloss black Microwave oven, with its many useful features and programs will enhance your everyday cooking experience.