Dolphin MCX10 Wireless Microphone

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Dolphin Wireless Microphone

  • Dolphin MCX Series wireless microphones and accessories are built with electronics that provide maximum compatibility when used with our Karaokebox karaoke machine, Party Speakers, and various products from other audio system manufacturers which utilize 1/4" (6.5mm) microphone input jacks.
  • Quickly use your microphone for singing on any speaker system thanks to the plug-and-play technology and included silicon ring which allows you to set the wireless microphone on any surface without having to worry about it rolling off. Professional microphone users can place the microphone into any universal mic stand or holder.
  • 48-Channel wireless microphone system with advanced filtering means you can purchase up to 48x units and not have to worry about any of them interfering with each other or other electronics. Advanced filtering is important as wireless microphones & systems must be relied on to not transmit frequencies that can interfere with other electronics. Optimized for kids, adults, DJ's, professionals, and amateurs alike.
  • Long-lasting cordless microphone and transmitter design include an 8 hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery and micro USB charge cable. Our portable microphone systems are ideal when you need wireless microphones for karaoke parties, outdoor events, and vocal performances.
  • UHF frequency range is upwards of 200ft with a direct line of site or 100ft with obstacles such as walls or buildings. Important for assuring weddings, church choirs, and business meetings are successful with no interruption, latency, and feedback.