NordicTrack NTPCGN21 PulseTech Percussion Therapy Massage Gun

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NordicTrack NTPCGN21 PulseTech Percussion Therapy Massage  Gun

  • Discover the power of percussion with the NordicTrack PulseTech Percussion Therapy Gun.
  • Percussion therapy breaks up lactic acid and reduces muscle soreness more effectively than traditional foam rollers — making it easier than ever to get more out of your workout.
  • Cycle between five levels of massage intensity to customize your recovery experience. Four targeted massage head attachments are included so you can effectively pinpoint hard-to-reach areas.
  • Experience deep-reaching relief with targeted muscle massage before and after your training routine to help your body properly recover. Enjoy your percussion gun’s extensive 3.5-hour battery life, which promotes extended use and enables the comprehensive massage you can count on. Designed to reduce recovery time, the NordicTrack PulseTech percussion therapy gun is a powerful addition to your routine.