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North Point hw6024 Ultrasonic LED Air Humidifier And Diffuser 7 Colors 100-240V

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North Point Ultrasonic LED Air Humidifier And Diffuser 7 Colors 100-240V

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The Northpoint Humidifier acts as a humidifier, moisturizer, and aroma diffuser all in one. A winter season specialist it helps moisturize the air around a small room
  • COMPACT YET IMPACTFUL: With dimensions of 10”x7”x7” the Northpoint Humidifier is a small piece that can be placed on any work desk or by the bedside. Portable, light, and capable of significantly changing the atmosphere of a small room and increasing your comfort considerably
  • 67 OUNCE TANK CAPACITY: The Northpoint humidifier comes with a 67-ounce tank, which is easily detachable for convenient water refill and cleaning
  • OIL TRAY ATTACHMENT: The humidifier comes with an essential oil tray, once the oil is put in the right amount, it mixes with the water and comes out as a mist, making the room more receptive and comfortable
  • CHANGING LED LIGHTS: An attractive feature of the humidifier is the color-changing LED. Built into the device it comes with 7 changing colors. The ON/OFF switch controls the output