Northern PB1876 Chill Portable Foldable Fan

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Northern Chill Portable Foldable Fan

  • This Northern Chill Portable Foldable Fan is a convenient way to stay cool during spring and summer.
  • Give yourself cool air anytime, anywhere! This lightweight and compact fan is small enough to fit on your desktop, corner table, or counter but packs a powerfully cool breeze. The fan is extendable and adjustable.
  • The fan is equipped with 2-speed modes with low noise operation. USB and battery operated. When not in use, the fan folds into itself and easily stores away. The fan measures 5.4" x 5.4" x 11.8" when fully extended. Measures 5.4"x5.4"x2.6" when folded for storage. This portable fan comes packaged inside a color box. USB charging cable included.,Northern Chill Portable Foldable Fan.