Oster GCSTBS100-013 Portable Garment Steamer Vaporizer with Pad

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With the Oster® GCSTBS100 portable garment steamer for quick and easy ironing. The powerful steamer deeply penetrates the different types of fabric, obtaining a professional laundry result and making ironing boards a thing of the past. The process involves applying steam directly to hanging items to remove wrinkles. Another of its advantages is that you can use it in other parts of the house to disinfect and remove bad odors from curtains, cushions, fabric furniture, bedding and mattresses.

  • 24 minutes of continuous steam thanks to the ideally sized water tank that allows you to iron garment after garment without having to stop
  • Wrinkle remover stick designed to attack tough wrinkles from removing and drying fabric fibers
  • Wide steam vent penetrates large areas of fabric for fast and effective results
  • Locking steam trigger trigger, which allows you to slide and hold the switch to fire or lock the steam, maintaining a constant steam output
  • Operation status lights indicate when the vaporizer is ready to be used
  • Compact and stable design that can stand in any space for easy storage
  • Disinfects and refreshes odors in fabrics (curtains, fabric furniture and bedding) saving on dry cleaning and dry cleaning services
  • Includes easy-to-install backing pad, which serves as a vertical board to remove stubborn creases quickly, allowing you to steam the garment while it is hanging on the hook
  • Accessories included: fiber brush to relax the thickest fibers, hot steam shield to protect hands from steam burns, and lint remover brush to remove dust, pet hair, threads and more