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  • Less effort, higher performance and excellent functionality is how we can best describe this iron
  • Non-stick sole with superior design that offers 30% greater coverage * when ironing, guaranteeing to cover a greater part of your garments and allowing you to iron in less time
  • Effective and powerful steam blast of up to 80 grams per minute
  • The design of our sole with plexus channels and nano grooves that distribute the steam over the fabric, where it is needed most, avoiding the loss of steam.
  • Water tank: 250ml
  • Precision tip helps remove wrinkles from hard-to-reach places like collars, cuffs, lapels, and around buttons
  • The vertical steam function quickly removes creases from garments using your clothes hanger. Can also be used to freshen and remove odors from upholstery and curtains
  • Its 2m rope allows you to have a better range of motion
  • Temperature selector that allows you to set the ideal temperature for each type of fabric, avoiding damage to the garments.
  • Ergonomic trigger that allows you to comfortably operate the fine spray button and easily achieve a flawless ironing, you can moisten clothes for easier removal of wrinkles.
  • Anti-calcification system that has an internal filter inside the water tank that allows to extend the useful life of the product and avoid stains from mineral deposits on fabrics and garments
  • Long and flexible 360 ​​° swivel cord that adapts to your movements, eliminating resistance, twisting and minimizing tangles
  • 1250 watts of power (127V)