TYLT LITFS1XBL2T Flipstick Portable Phone Charger (Type-C USB, Blue) - 3,350 mAh

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TYLT Flipstick Portable Phone Charger (Type-C USB, Blue) - 3,350 mAh

  • FAST RECHARGEABLE POWER FOR YOUR SMARTPHONE: Charge your smartphone or any Type-C USB Device, and then recharge your Flipstick using the built-in USB cable (just plug it into a power/wall block). The internal battery on this device is built to last and is designed to provide 1 full charge for most Type-C USB smartphones or devices. The rechargeable 3,350 mAh internal battery also offers a fast 1.5X recharge so you don't have to wait around when you're out of power.
  • CHOOSE YOUR CONNECTOR: The TYLT Flipstick comes in three different varieties for all your charging needs - Micro-USB, Lightning Cable, or Type-C USB connectors. The model you have selected above conveniently charges Type-C USB devices again and again. So whether you have a phone from Apple, Samsung, or Android, all you have to do is pick the charge connector that's right for you and you'll be good to go.
  • CHARGE UP WHILE YOU'RE ON THE GO: The Flipstick's four LED Indicator lights will let you know when its internal battery is fully charged so you can feel confident that you will have a reliable power source at hand while you are on the go, making it perfect for travel or the daily commute. TYLT also had you in mind when we designed the connector cord to plug back into the portable charger’s body to form a convenient carry loop on the tactile, grippable Flipstick.
  • EASY TO USE WHEREVER YOU ARE: To save you time and frustration, Pass Thru Intelligent Power ensures your iPhone, Galaxy, or Android phone is charged before the Flipstick's own internal battery begins to charge. So you can charge your phone and then the Flipstick all through one plug-in without having to do one or the other in separate outlets.
  • TYLT POWERS LIFE'S ADVENTURES: Our goal is to connect to you and your devices. Our focus is innovation in the mobile world. TYLT was established in 2011 simply to provide high quality design in easy to use devices, while delivering exceptional value to our customers. We are so confident in the quality of our devices that we back everything with a one year warranty.