Whirlpool WM857W 0.7 CF. Microwave Oven White - 50 hZ (Good for Jamaica / Barbados)

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Whirlpool 0.7 CF. Microwave Oven White

  • 6 options for Smooth / Melt. Butter (Soften), Ice Cream, Frozen Juice, Butter (Melt), Chocolate, Cheese
  • 4 options to Defrost. Meat, Chicken, Fish, Vegetables
  • Keep Warm Settings. Keep dishes ready to serve while you prepare the rest of the food. This setting provides heat to the microwave to prevent prepared dishes from getting cold.
  • Add 1 minute. The microwave has the automatic option to add 1 minute at the time of use.
  • Quick time buttons. They allow you to add additional heating or cooking time to your dishes easily, quickly and with the push of a button.