Whirlpool WFW5605MW - 4.5 Cu. Ft. Front Load Washer

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Whirlpool 4.5 Cu. Ft. Front Load Washer

  • 4.5 Cu. Ft. Capacity - 

    Wash over three baskets of clothing* in a single load and finish laundry fast with 4.5 Cu. Ft. Washer Capacity that offers enough space to handle larger loads.
  • Quick Wash Cycle - 

    Wash & dry in under 1 hr when pairing the 25 minute quick wash cycle with a 30 minute timed dry¹ Experience the ultimate time-saving duo for hassle-free laundry days.
  • Cold Wash Cycle - 

    The Cold Wash Cycle adjusts wash actions and time, combined with gentle temperatures to help protect fabrics and save up to 90% of energy.²
  • Tumble Fresh Option - 

    Keep clothes fresh without having to immediately transfer them to the dryer. The Tumble Fresh Option activates after the wash cycle is finished and tumbles clean clothes periodically for up to 12 hours to help prevent wrinkles from setting in.
  • Steam Clean Option - 

    Get help removing everyday stains with the Steam Clean Option, which gets deep into fabrics with increased wash action and heat.
  • Direct Drive Motor - 

    With fewer moving parts and less wear and tear on the machine, the direct drive motor can handle your larger/largest loads with greater efficiency
  • Vibration Control Technology - 

    Advanced technology helps reduce vibration and helps prevent loads from becoming unbalanced for a quiet, smooth wash cycle.
  • Sanitize Cycle - 

    The Sanitize Cycle uses increased water temperature to eliminate 99.9% of common household bacteria.³
  • Presoak Option - 

    The Presoak Option lets you skip soaking outside of the washer. Extra time is added in the washer before the wash cycle, which starts automatically when the option is complete.
  • Smooth Wave Stainless Steel Wash Basket - 

    Give clothes the care they need with the sleek pattern of the stainless steel wash basket that gently guides them.
  • Single Load Dispenser - 

    Add detergent, bleach and fabric softener to their designated compartments so each gets dispensed at just the right time during the cycle.
  • Intuitive Controls - 

    Let the washer guide you to the right cycle combinations or customize up to 35 of your own to get the right type of fabric care for whatever you're washing.
  • ENERGY STAR Certified - 

    ENERGY STAR Certified models exceed government standards to help conserve natural resources and save money on your utility bills.
  • ADA Compliant - 

    This washer meets the Standards for Accessible Design specified by the Americans with Disabilities Act to provide equal access to all.⁴
  • Clean Washer with affresh Cycle - 

    Run the Clean Washer with affresh Cycle every 30 washes to thoroughly clean the inside of your washer with an affresh washing machine cleaner tablet or liquid chlorine bleach.
  • Laundry Pedestal Compatible - 

    Raise your washer for easier loading and unloading. Optional Laundry Pedestals ⁵ also provide space-saving storage for detergent, fabric softener and other supplies.
  • Expanded Finishes - 

    Choose from a traditional finish like White or elevate your laundry space with the modern Chrome Shadow. Both finishes feature updated aesthetics with a high contrast console and sleek door design.
  • An American Company for Over 100 Years - 

    Whirlpool Corporation started in 1911 as a small company in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Today we are a global home appliance business selling products around the world. We are proud of our American heritage and ingenuity that have driven innovation for 100+ years.