Whirlpool WGD4616FW Gas Dryer 29"

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AutoDry Drying System
  • Senses moisture in the load or air temperature and shuts off when the load reaches the selected dryness level.
  • Gives the best drying in the shortest time.
  • Drying time will vary based on fabric type, load size, and dryness setting.
Wrinkle Shield Option
  • When you are unable to remove a load of clothes from the dryer as soon as it stops, wrinkles can form.
  • The WRINKLE SHIELD feature periodically tumbles, rearranges, and fluffs the load to help keep wrinkles from forming.
Timed Dry
  • Take control of your time. For those occasional times that damp load needs a little extra dry time or when using a drying rack, set the control and you can get your fabrics dried on your schedule.
Side-Swing Door
  • The traditional side-swing door allows for ease of loading and unloading. Additional spacing and clearances should be considered for daily, accessible use.
7.0 cu. ft. Capacity
  • With a 7.0 cu. ft. capacity dryer drum, there's plenty of room to easily handle large loads and bulky items.